OPEN FATE - Rich Katz Vocals Guitar, Jason Johnson Vocals Bass, David Snook Drums, Bre David Lead Guitar

OPENFATE founded in 2008 with Rich Katz and Jason Johnson sharing similar interest in rock music. Working with a great producer on our first album Lino Alessio originally for Los Angeles who has worked with many famous artist and played with a number of great musicians as well. OPENFATE has played live at House Of Blues twice at a show cases were they won a meeting with Universal Records in the early stages of the band. OPENFATE has now finished up their debut album using Chris Frazier on the Drums formally of Steve Vai, Whitesnake and now drumming for the great rock band Foreigner. OPENFATE has just released the first music video with Far From Earth Films as well. OPENFATE is now formed of members Rich Katz, Jason Johnson, David Snook & Brett David. OPENFATE's new album was also mastered at CAPITAL RECORDS! OPENFATE is a professional group looking to make their way in the Rock Industry Soon!

                                     WE HOPE TO SEE YOU IN YOUR TOWN SOON!! 

                                                                  THANKS FOR READING!!

                                                                     OPENFATE BOYZ!!